Israel And The US Practice The Capture Of Ships While Tension Grows In The Gulf (VIDEO)

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Special forces of Israel and the United States tested for the first time together the capture of merchant ships, in the largest naval exercise carried out by the two countries, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported today.

The military spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, said that the military maneuvers are not related to the “regional events” and that they were carried out to strengthen the capabilities of the two countries in order to “combat terrorism and threats in the area, which requires cooperation. “

“The forces practiced the recovery of control in enemy territory of a hijacked ship,” he said in a statement.

The exercises involved the US and Israeli naval forces (Flotilla 13), and required interaction between the two States for the “gathering of intelligence information, evaluation and joint planning of the tactical solution.”

“This exercise had more scope than previous ones,” Conricus explained, including the location of the target and taking control of the boat jumping “by parachute from an airplane, climbing, rappelling, firing and performing medical evacuation.”

The IDF valued “as a success” the essay and called it “an additional testimony of the deep cooperation between the armies of Israel and the United States”

The exercises, called “Rosa Noble”, were carried out last Wednesday and they took part special American forces.

The Persian Gulf has recorded in recent months an increase in tension with the retention of ships, attacks on tankers and the demolition of drones by Iran in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, where it crosses a fifth of the world’s oil.


Source: Aurora-Israel