Is the Fishing Fleet in Spain Safe?

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This Sunday the sea has claimed the lives of two fishermen in Ferrol

I need  the sea because it teaches me:

I do not know if I learn music or conscience:

I do not know if it’s alone or being deep

or just snore voice or dazzling

Assumption of fish and ships.

The fact is that even when I’m asleep

somehow magnetic circle

at the university of the swell.

These verses of Neruda could well be the feeling of every fisherman, the master of the sea, and that these days he returns to mourning  after the death of the brothers Abelardo and Luis Ángel in the area of ​​Prioriño Chico, in the vicinity of the outer harbor of Ferrol.  The Civil Guard managed this Sunday to recover both bodies that appeared floating. The hypothesis that drives the investigation is that one of the brothers accidentally fell into the sea, while the second succumbed after trying to avoid it.

It is a profession that involves risks, although it is true that advances in security make these events take place more extensively over time, as assured by the president of the Fishermen’s Association of Algeciras, Pedro Maza:  “The security measures of the fleet are growing. We have quite sophisticated rescue devices. In fact, in Spain they are very well equipped. The conditions are exquisite. In this matter our country approves with a note. In addition, periodic reviews by the maritime captaincies are followed by a chart. “

The figures give the reason, although  since 2007 fifty fishermen have lost their lives  in our waters. Among the tragedies most remembered in these ten years include those that occurred on March 10, 2014, when a total of eight fishermen lost their lives when the Galician fishing boat “Santa Ana” was shipwrecked in front of Cabo Peñas, in Asturias. Something further back in time, on September 5, 2007, five fishermen died and another three disappeared when they shipwrecked “Nueva Pepita Aurora”, about 14 miles from the coast of Barbate, in Cádiz, when returning from Lamache (Morocco). 

The last case we had to regret, before what happened in Ferrol, was also in Galicia, in Pontevedra, last December, when four people died after being shipwrecked “Sin Querer Dos”. It could have been worse, since six other sailors could be rescued.

And is that although accidents are increasingly isolated, the danger is always present: “The main cause is still the wind. Sometimes you can not do anything, especially if you catch on the high seas.  The worst time to fish is winter, which is when the main gales occur, although it depends a lot on the sea we are talking about, since not everyone behaves the same. There are areas where waves are frequent even in summer. It depends on the fishing grounds ” , underlines Pedro Maza.

Is the Fishing Fleet in Spain Safe

The president of the fishing guild of Algeciras added that “the main prevention is not to fish in bad weather, although there are fleets that are well equipped to go out. Depends on the boat that is available. Most of the fishermen choose to fish in the vicinity of the coast. “


Source: Cope