Is Russia Building An Underwater Sea Life Army? (VIDEO)

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The Russian Navy is training whales, seals and dolphins to use them in the Arctic: what we know about the Russian “new weapon”

In recent days, the history of whales soldier under Putin has filled headlines around the world. It is not for less. The story, as if it were a horror movie, started about a week ago in a small Norwegian fishing village. There, a beluga whale began to actively search the boats of the fishermen and to pull the straps and ropes that hung from them.

Are we facing a new weapon of the Russian navy? The truth is that, as we investigate the matter, it seems clear that, if we talk about cetaceans, “weapon”, what is said “weapon”, do not seem. This is what we know about the Russian program to train whales, seals and dolphins at the military base in the city of Murmansk.

What happened? As I was saying, about a week ago, fishermen from Inga, a small Norwegian village, sounded the alarm when they found a beluga who had started to harass their fishing boats. “We were going to put the nets when we saw a whale swimming among the boats. He approached us and we could see that he was wearing some type of harness, “explained Joar Hesten to the Norwegian radio station NRK . As explained by Hersten, apparently the whale was docile and seemed to be used to humans .



Source: Xataka