Is It Really Worth It? The Risk People Take to Take the Perfect Photos (Risky PHOTO)

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A couple of beautiful people who make a living traveling around the world to take pictures of themselves has been strongly criticized for a cliché published on his Instagram account.

Kelly and Kody, the lovebirds behind the positravelty account (the name is a combination of the words positivity and travel because each photo is accompanied by an inspiring message, yes it is unportable), have published a photo where we can see Kody relaxing in an infinity pool. Until then, nothing is abnormal. What disturbs people is that his girlfriend is not with him in the pool. She is rather suspended over the edge, while her boyfriend holds her by the arms.

If Kelly had fallen, a fall of several meters would have saved her.

Although the photo is striking, many Internet users have denounced the couple, saying it is irresponsible to put themselves in danger for a simple photo.

“You are very bad influences. You’re teaching young people that it’s okay to put your life at risk, “wrote a user under the publication.

“Your stupidity, stupidity, pretentiousness and lack of good sense go beyond me.”

“It’s all nice until one of you is in a grave.”

Hundreds of other such comments can be found under the publication dated April 2.

After almost two weeks of controversy, the couple reacted yesterday via a statement sent to several US and British media

“We do not want to let all this negativity reach us. We have received so much more love and support, kindness and beautiful messages. “

“Our account celebrates creativity, photography, kindness, perspective and above all, positivity,” said the couple.

Is It Really Worth It The Risk People Take to Take the Perfect Photos

The positravelty account has more than 100,000 subscribers.


Source: Journal de Montreal