Is It Possible That The Megalodon Still Lives In Our Oceans? The Evidence Points Towards Yes

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Little girl finds huge prehistoric shark tooth on California beach, people are amazed at the discovery.

Going on vacation to the beach, spending your days in the sun and enjoying time with family are just some of the things that people do on their breaks. However, on these occasions, extraordinary events such as the following may also occur.

It turns out that a young girl was relaxing with her parents on the coast of North Carolina. When walking along the sand, she saw something that caught her attention.

The strange object was a megalodon tooth, a gigantic sea ​​creature that became extinct more than three million years ago.

The youngest, named Avery Fauth, found what her father had been looking for several years: a fossil of this creature.

According to information from local media, the girl was enjoyed her spring break in the city of North Topsail, when she discovered the giant tooth.

The value of a megalodon fossil varies, but a tooth can be sold for thousands of dollars.

Different investigations on this marine creature assure that, by others that have been found, it measures between thirteen and eighteen meters in length. Their teeth could be up to 20 centimeters long.

These characteristics were inspiration to create horror films, because their monstrous size frightens the explorers of the ocean.

The megalodon shark became extinct three million years ago and fed mainly on other marine mammals or specimens of its own species.

Some theories point out that there is a possibility that this animal may still exist; however, nothing has been verified.

Recently, this thought gained strength in networks after a fisherman and his son found the severed head of a Mako shark, which was snatched by an unknown creature.

Is It Possible That The Megalodon Still Lives In Our Oceans

This fact was recorded in Bernagui, Australia, where the local media reported the amazement that the inhabitants had when they saw the photos.

‘We did not see what devoured the shark, but it must have been a gigantic animal’

Is It Possible That The Megalodon Still Lives In Our Oceans

So far it is unknown what it was that decapitated the large shark, which leaves more questions than answers. 


Do you think the megalodon continues to exist?


Source: La Neta Noticias