Is It a Monster? Gigantic Cyclone Terrifies Malaysians (VIDEO)

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Nothing is more dangerous than nature itself, because no human force could reverse a catastrophe caused by it.

There are some conspiracy theories that say there are programs to manipulate the climate; even, it is said that these caused the recent fires in California, but so far there is no evidence to prove these hypotheses.

The untimely sea is not only unknown for the most part, but can also cause immense disasters that we have only seen in science fiction movies.

Some people say that on the seabed is extraterrestrial intelligent life, others claim that it is the entrance to hell itself and Warner Bros. suggests that it is Aquaman’s house.

A spectacular natural phenomenon impressed the users and terrified the Asian witnesses who shared through networks a horrifying waterspout that lasted at least three quarters of an hour.

As if it were a thunderbolt from Thor, an impressive hurricane formed along the coasts of Malaysia, causing fear and chaos in the inhabitants of the area who believed that it would unleash greater calamity.

The cyclone made landfall and the trembling inhabitants of Penang Island said they thought for a moment that the phenomenon would completely devastate their home.

To everyone’s surprise, the weather anomaly did not cause considerable damage to the structures of buildings and houses, much less fatalities.

However, the videos that circulate through social networks continue to frighten the majority of Internet users who are surprised at the magnanimity of the event.

The explosive waters of Penang in Malaysia caused little damage in at least 50 homes.

In spite of everything, the meteorologists assured that these bursts are quite common in coastal zones.

A clip recorded from the top of a building shows how the phenomenon that goes beyond the height of nearby buildings is forming. The column of water grows in the form of a tube, connecting the sea with the sky, but this time it manages to leave the sea, impressing the inhabitants.

Have you seen a hurricane? Are you afraid of the sea? What would you do in such a situation?


Source: la neta noticias