Iran: The United States is turning the Gulf into a “ready to explode powder magazine”

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Mohammed Javad Zarid , Iran’s Foreign Minister, has accused the United States and its allies of turning the Persian Gulf into a “ready-to-blow powder magazine,” as he said in an interview on Monday to the Al- Jazeera “If we talk about threats that come from countries in the region, the threats come from the United States and its allies, which are flooding the arms region,” he added.

Zarif has been in Qatar on Monday to meet with Emir Tamin bin Hamad al-Thani, who has been sent the same message, according to Persian state media. Other issues such as the naval crisis that exists in the region with the capture of oil tankers were also discussed in this meeting , a conflict that began since the United States withdrew last year from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Pact Joint Action Agreement (JCPOA) in English) and impose economic sanctions on Tehran.

The Government of Iran itself has reported on Tuesday that it has already exceeded between 60 and 70 kilograms the limit of enriched uranium reserves allowed by the JCPOA and has repeatedly repeated that it will continue to dissociate itself from its commitments in the production of nuclear materials if it is not they get new commitments with the agreement and the sanctions are lifted. “Now we produce with a good capacity and this quantity is increasing rapidly,” Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency spokesman Behruz Kamalvandí told reporters on Tuesday .

Military mission

The Iranian Foreign Minister has defined the Strait of Hormuz as a narrow place and as a space that “will become less secure if foreign vessels increase their presence in it . ” The British Government and the United States have created a military mission in Hormuz with the objective of protecting oil tankers on their journey through the Gulf; and still no State of the European Union has shown its support for the mission.

For its part, Iran has shown itself capable of stopping any ship, even if accompanied by US and British ships, according to the commander of the Navy of the Corps of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) English), Alireza Tangsiri , in an interview with the Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen. The commander was against any “illegal presence” in the Strait of Hormuz and described Israel’s position in the Gulf as unacceptable, which could “unleash a war.”

The United Kingdom and Iran have already experienced several incidents in the strategic strait that have led to an increase in the escalation of tension and military presence in the region, never seen before since the war in Iraq . On August 4, the Iranian Navy captured a new foreign oil tanker in the Gulf and detained its seven crew on the grounds that the ship was smuggling fuel.

Seized Tankers

This is the third freighter captured by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran after the arrest of the British ship Stena Empire, under the same accusations of contraband and the Riah tanker. In addition, the British Government blocked Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 in the waters of Gibraltar under the accusation that he was going to take fuel to Syria, thus violating the rules of the European Union embargo decreed on Syria due to the conflict in territory Sirius. Given this, Tangsiri has declared that it is unfair to release a British tanker that “violated international law” and not release the Iranian tanker detained in Gibraltar.

Iran: The United States is turning the Gulf into a "ready to explode powder magazine"

For its part, Iraq, which has good relations with the two sides of the conflict, said on Monday that the deployment of British and US forces fuels tensions in the region: “The Gulf States can secure naval traffic together,” he said. The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Mohammed al-Hakim, said on his Twitter account . “Iraq is trying to reduce tensions through discrete negotiations.

The presence of US forces in the region will increase the tension, ”he added. Similarly, Qatar, which has one of the largest US military bases in the Gulf, according to the newspaper El Correo del Golfo, is trying not to be dragged into the growing conflict between Washington and Tehran.


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