Intercept in Madrid 400 kilos of coca that entered through Galicia and went to the United Kingdom

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New apprehension of cocaine from South America that had entered the ship by the coasts of Galicia .The National Police has aborted the distribution of 400 kilos of cocaine, part of a larger stash, which was unloaded in the Galician coasts and were hidden in a warehouse in the Corredor de Henares in Madrid for later transfer to the United Kingdom, final destination and distribution of the drug.

The police operation is still open as there are no detainees at the moment, although the agents try to surround those responsible for transport.

A Spanish-British organization would have introduced a large amount of cocaine along the coasts of Galicia and the cache was transported to Madrid by road in a truck. A part hid in the ship where it was intervened, waiting for the best moment to remove it from the national territory, according to sources of the investigation.

A large part of the cocaine blocks apprehended in the Madrid warehouse were marked with an ‘M’ as logo and the rest of the cache with a handwritten logo.

The investigators suspect that the packages were altered by the organization itself. They argue that it is very rare for this type of narcotic drugs to be intervened with the logo drawn and not underlined.

At the moment, there has not been much data about the operation since the investigations are still open at this time in order to proceed with the arrest of the people related to the shipment.