Intense Moment When They Drag Him From The Ocean To Remove A Hook From His Face (VIDEO)

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A group of bathers won the applause of thousands of users on YouTube by rescuing a giant dying creature along the shore.

A touching rescue. A viral YouTube video recorded the precise moment in which a group of bathers found a dangerous dying creature on the seashore, removed the hook pierced in their jaw and returned it to the sea with a maneuver that could cost them their lives. For this reason, thousands of users from Mexico, Spain and the United States soon sent messages of encouragement to young people, who risked their lives to safeguard the life of the animal.

A quiet afternoon of fun for a group of bathers on a beach in Mexico became an unforgettable experience when seeing in the distance a huge creature that emerged from the sea to approach the shore in search of help. What happened? People realized that the dangerous animal had a hook embedded in its jaw.

Without thinking twice, the group of men entered the sea and pulled with their hands the heavy hammerhead shark that writhed in the sand as a sign of attack. The viral YouTube recording showed the exact moment when the marine animal is held by two bathers , who unsuccessfully tried to extract the sharp object from its jaw.

After several minutes of tension, the gigantic hammerhead shark managed to get out of the hands of the bathers; However, seeing the suffering of the creature, the men tried again and got the thick hook that was gradually ending his life in the immense Pacific Ocean full of predators.

Fierce attack

As expected, the terrifying shark guided by his wild instincts tried to attack his rescuers, who at all times diverted their ruthless attacks. The viral YouTube video showed the terrifying moment a swimmer lived after being chased by the wild creature that threatened to tear his legs apart.

After several attempts, bathers returned the dangerous creature to its natural habitat. Undoubtedly, the gigantic creature felt more relieved after entering the seabed.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the UNILAD page, which obtained more than 1 million views, 3551 shares and 1194 comments. “It’s wonderful that they have helped you,” “it is gratifying to see how people rescued the animal instead of taking a selfie with their body,” users wrote on social media.

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Source: La Republica