Instagram Model Surprises the World by Hanging Off of a Bridge Over Crocodile Infested Water to Take a Life Risking Picture

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Mckeena Knipe appeared hanging from a bridge despite the fact that the prohibitions were clear

Mckeena Knipe, an American model and actress, took a trip to Costa Rica to see the Tárcoles River and there she risked her life to take a photo on Instagram, a social network in which she has just over 17,000 followers . In the video, which she herself has published on other pages such as Facebook, she appears suspended from her arm by her companion while she smiles towards the camera held by a third person. All this with laughter from both the protagonist and her allies, in fact, she also published a video in which she boasts that in the water there are crocodiles and she writes: “Bait for crocodiles”.

In spite of the strict prohibitions, he decided to publish the recording a week ago and this has provoked numerous criticisms in which many call his attention to what they consider “a recklessness”. In the video you can also see the strong wind that made in the area something that was more risky.

Source: El Pais