Insolent Moment Caught On Video In Which A Women Almost Dies By Drowning (VIDEO)

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A woman was about to lose her life at sea and everything was recorded on her GoPro camera.

The sea usually has currents or internal channels that could take the life of even the best swimmer, that’s why you have to follow the instructions of the lifeguards and the flags that are placed on the beaches.

Many people do not know what the coloured flags mean so here we leave you a short summary so that what happened to this girl does not happen to you.

Extreme precautions!

Types of flags on the beach

Green flag: Sea conditions are safe for swimming.

Yellow flag: Sea conditions require caution, you can swim carefully.

Red flag: Sea conditions are dangerous and require extreme caution.

Black flag: The sea conditions are extremely dangerous, do not swim or enter the water.

In the video shared by the ADC News chain you can see how a young woman is swimming carelessly in the sea while recording everything with her selfie stick and her GoPro camera.

Suddenly the waves become more intense and she is trapped submerged in the water.

Internet users did not understand what had happened in the video but a man explained everything, here we leave you what he said:

“For those who did not understand the video. What you can see are the consequences of something called a return current. They are channels that form in the sand bottoms through which the water” returns “with more force, they are easy to perceive because in that area the chain of a wave is broken, there is also no foam, so many people trust and think it is a quiet and safe area. “

The man also affirmed that the woman’s mistake was to try to swim towards the shore against the current and communicated what needs to be done if she is in the same situation as the woman in the video.

“The most frequent mistake that usually commits is, once it has absorbed you, swimming against the direction of the shore. To get out of the current it is necessary to swim parallel to the shore to leave the drag zone. Another alternative is to let yourself go by the current while you ask rescue and rescue personnel for help, maintaining, first of all, the calm.In case there is no one to help you, also keep calm and leave the current, letting you drag later on by the normal currents, which they take you to the shore, and helping you from floating or swimming in a controlled manner, always trying not to exhaust you, “he concluded.

Without a doubt, this video, leaves us with a lesson that the sea must be respected and that a life-saving vest does not hurt if we notice that the waves have increased their strength.


Source: la verdad noticias