Insane Video Of Luxury Yacht Explosion With Passengers On-Board In Columbia (VIDEO)

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The maritime authorities investigate the causes of the accident in Colombia that left one dead and one injured

Medellin The explosion in a tourist launch, occurred this weekend in Necoclí,  Antioquia ( Colombia ), left one person dead and one more seriously injured, according to the maritime authorities of the area.

The event, which was presented at the Necoclí Tourist Bullet at 12:27 p.m., occurred on the Saeta I tourism boat. According to Corvette Captain Juan Pablo Suárez, Captain of the Turbo Port, the vessel was being subjected to maintenance work when the explosion happened.

The people affected are two workers hired by that company, to do a welding job on the boat, which would have caused the explosion, according to the preliminary report of the authorities. However, the investigations are progressing to determine exactly what happened.

According to a report from the maritime authority, there was no knowledge of the permits requested to properly maintain the vessel, which suffered considerable damage.

“This activity did not comply with safety protocols, since no work should be done on tourist jetties, if not only in dikes when the boat is in a stranded position, more when welding work, the boat must be delastrated and without any fuel, “ Captain Suárez reported when referring to the issue.

The official recalled that it is important to strictly follow the safety protocols to avoid these accidents when performing maintenance. He added that a naval workshop is the company able to carry out repairs to systems, equipment or naval parts and naval devices, and that is where the work should be carried out.



Source: El Comercio