Insane Footage of Huge Crocodile Being Devoured by Weird Underwater Creatures [VIDEO]

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An experiment shows a crocodile becoming the food of some ‘mysterious creatures’ at the bottom of the sea.   

Tragic outcome. A team led by a university in the United States in the sample to an experiment was shared crocodile and a ‘strange creatures’ marine being the protagonists of a chilling scene filmed at the bottom of the sea.

The video showed a team from the Consortium of the University of Louisiana (USA) led by Craig McClain and Clifton Nunnally placing three dead alligators between 2 and 2.5 meters in the Gulf of Mexico to study how strange marine species enrich food networks in the sea.

The experiment shows a dead crocodile lying on the bottom of the sea and being prey to dozens of ‘mysterious creatures’ that did not miss the opportunity to turn it into their food. Thousands of users were amazed by the appearance of marine animals.

The strange marine animals that rested on the body of the alligator respond to the name of deep-water isopods . These crustaceans, the size of a soccer ball, reached menod 24 hours after the dead alligators were placed on the seabed.

In the video you can clearly see these rare marine species acting as a potential predator, because using their powerful jaws, they tore the reptile’s tough skin and swallowed its flesh until they could barely move.

Isopods have the ability to store accumulated energy. What does it consist of? These animals will not have to feed for months or even years. This experiment shows that scientists use this method to “examine the role of alligators in biodiversity and the carbon cycle in deep oceans,” McClain explained in the Deep Sea News portal.

According to the scientists , the experiments with alligators can help to study the alimentary networks of the past, since they are like the ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs and plesiosaurs. Remember that if you want to review our note, all you have to do is slide each image to the left.

Source: La Republica