Innocent Swan Saved by Heroic Fisherman

On August, 2017 in Grodno, Belarus, a group of fishing buddies were hanging out at the lake and ended up spotting a swan that was stuck in some wicker. Once they noticed it was totally entangled, one of the guys decided to strip down to his speedo and make his way over to the swan.

Cameraman of the video stated. “I was fishing with friends in Saints Marshes, near Grodno city, Belarus. This little swan got entangled in the wicker, so we decided to save him.” And they did! Once the guy got to the middle, he used his knife to cut and untie the swan’s legs. While he was trying to untangle the swan, it got a little bit anxious and started to kick in panic. But after he cut it loose, it made its way and went right back to a calm swim.

In the end, the swan was safe and free due to the kindness of these fishing buddies. Video down below.

Source: ViralHog