Indignation Generates Man Who Feeds Crocodile With Live Chicken [VIDEO]

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Controversy in networks. A video has generated great outrage, as it shows a crocodile being fed a live chicken.

We have been able to witness a controversial video recorded in a zoo, which shows us a man feeding a crocodile with a live chicken, which generated great indignation in social networks.

It all starts when a zoo employee enters the crocodile habitat with the intention of giving an entertainment show to the park goers.

The man in the clip approaches the reptile to guide it to a certain area of ​​the pond and feed it with a live chicken that he carried in his hands. 

Among the comments were some that specified that it was not necessary to give as food to an animal that was still alive. However, there were many who chose to detract from the importance of the act, because they said that it is something usual in a zoo .


Source: La Republica