India Deploys Nuclear Submarines and an Aircraft Carrier in the Arabian Sea to Deter “Adventures” of Pakistan

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The New Delhi measure comes amid escalating tensions with Islamabad in the disputed Kashmir region.

The Ministry of Defense of India has announced that several of its warships, including an aircraft carrier and nuclear submarines, were deployed in the northern part of the Arabian Sea in order to deter Pakistan from any “adventure” in that region.

In a statement, the ministry notes that the vessels participated in the TROPEX 2019 annual exercises , which they had to abandon due to the escalation of tension between New Delhi and Islamabad in the disputed region of Kashmir.

The objective of the naval combat group, headed by the INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier , Soviet-made and modernized in Russia , and made up of submarines and other vessels, as well as aircraft, is to ” prevent, deter and undo any Pakistani adventure” in the waters of India, the document points out.

It is unknown what kind of submarines were deployed in the area, but the Indian Navy has in its arsenal with two nuclear-powered submersibles: the INS Chakra, leased to Russia in 2012, and the INS Arihant , the first nuclear submersible of national manufacture with ability to transport ballistic missiles .

In early March, the Pakistani Navy claimed to have prevented an Indian submarine from entering its territorial waters and said the vessel was forced to retreat . The Indian Navy rejected these claims, calling them ” false propaganda ” and “misinformation.”

  • The tension between the two nuclear powers has rocketed since last February 26, when the Indian Air Force bombed a supposed “terrorist camp” belonging to the jihadist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, located in Pakistan-controlled territory, which days before he had committed in Pulwama the   most lethal attack against the Indian forces in decades, as a result of which  42 soldiers died .
  • “In order to demonstrate the ability of its defense,” Pakistan responded by sending several fighter jets to the part of Kashmir administered by India, where the airplanes of the Islamic Republic Air Force carried out an air strike and toppled two Indian planes.
  • One of the pilots of the downed aircraft was captured  by the Pakistani military. But in a “gesture of peace”, the Government of Islamabad  returned  the pilot to his country of origin.


Source: Actualidad RT