Incredible Rescue Of This Little Guy From A 14 Meter Deep Well In India

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A Shocking video has made a big impression, because it shows a creature that leaves several people in India terrified.

The moment in which a creature caused great uproar in the people of Manjarwadi, India, after suffering a tremendous and painful fall into a well. 

Animals in India increasingly have less space to move freely without the forest because their habitat is being reduced by illegal logging and especially the increase in population.

A small wild animal that walked near the Manjarwadi village, fell into a huge well of more than 14 meters deep. The painful fall caused him to be hurt and terrified.

One of the settlers who was nearby notified other people to do something to rescue the little leopard. They agreed to call the rangers and the Wildlife SOS organization, which is in charge of helping animals in the wild.

The specialists brought a huge box to the area, which is special for these types of rescues. With several ropes they held the huge box and quickly lowered it for the little feline to enter.

At first, the metal box caused great panic to the tiny leopard, however, the team waited patiently for the cat to enter the box by itself. After several attempts, the leopard entered and the experts took it out by lifting the huge box between all of them.

To the delight of viewers of the video, the mother of the cat was seen near by, so after being examined by a veterinarian, they put both the mother and her baby together again.


Source: La Republica

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