Incredible Moment Captured in Video: When a Beluga Whale is Born

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A video posted on social networks shows the birth of a beluga whale calf on January 18 at a breeding center of the ‘Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’ Resort located in Zhuhai (southern China ), Guangzhou Daily reported. According to the local newspaper, this beluga mother, called Yulia, is the third whale that gives birth in this center in just over 10 days and is expected to be born another baby of the same species during the next month. With the new incorporation, this aquarium contains a total of 31 white whales between eight and fourteen years old.

The deputy general manager of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has ensured that the staff of the center performs all the necessary preparatory care to receive the young, such as controlling the diet of the expectant mothers and taking their body temperature twice a day so they can relax before giving birth . “The most important thing is that the baby whale can breathe for the first time after birth,” Zhang added. This video was taken from the Vancouver Aquarium to show the process, but it is not the Chinese Beluga the one that is shown.