Incredible Footage Of Magnetic Fishing Locating WW2 Memorabilia

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During their best season yet, DWW2MH continue their magnet fishing & metal detecting adventures. In 2018 they found tons of devices and relics such as the base of a German MG-42, a couple of Karbiner 98k rifles, land mines, mills bombs, some detonators, helmets, a bipod, grenades of all sorts like the German stick, coins, barrels from rifles, bayonets, the body of an M1 Garand, another nearly complete M1 Garand, the body of a BAR, a Panzerfaust, a Panzershreck, an anti-tank mine, a Lee-Einfield, and more!

These artifact hunters really put in the work to dig up lost relics that embody earlier forms of technology and memories of war. Just in one year they found this huge list of items and it is indeed very impressive. To check out their content, just click the video below, give it a look and head over to their channel for more!

Source: Dutchww2magnethunters