Impact Of Dorian For The Bahamas In Category 5

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Destruction on the Abaco Island after the passage of Cyclone Dorian.

Damages in homes and vehicles, closing of commercial and government activity and millionaire losses is what Hurricane Dorian has left in its passage, in category 5, for the Bahamas Islands, whose authorities do not report deaths, but media say there could be several.

Dorian hit the northwest of Bahamas on Sunday with winds of almost 300 km / h, in particular to the Abaco Island, leaving incalculable damage to parts of the island and caused widespread flooding.

The photos and videos published on social networks show the desperate attempts of many to get safe when their homes were flooded and their roofs began to rise.

Several residents asked the people of the Bahamas to pray for them and their families when the catastrophic storm unleashed their fury, The Nassau Guardian reported.

Abacus was hit with winds of almost 297 km / h leaving homes without roofs, cars overturned and widespread destruction, but not yet human victims, authorities said.

“So far there have been no deaths reported on the island of Abaco, which is currently affected by Hurricane Dorian,” reads a statement from the Ministry of Health cited by the Eyewitness News portal.

However, The Bahamas Press reported that “the place is a disaster, there are no businesses that work and the bodies float around Big Cat (island). The concern is that nobody knows how many people died, and they feel that when the water decreases, some bodies will be dragged into the sea. ”

Marsh Harbor, Murphy Town and Dundas Town Abaco report massive devastation: destroyed communities and homeless citizens.

With maximum winds of 185 mph, Hurricane Dorian is the strongest storm to hit the Bahamas, the Press website added, comparing it behind Hurricane Allen in 1980, and tied for the 1935 Labor Day hurricane for the title. of the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic.

Media reports two dead unrelated to the storm: a person killed in a vehicle accident that involved two cars and one run over.

In an Abaco hotel, visitors were seen carrying luggage and belongings, taking advantage of the respite provided by the eye of the storm to evacuate the rooms as the building crumbled, The Tribune reported.

“We didn’t know it would be a category five storm,” said one employee. Even for people prepared for the storm and taking it seriously, Hurricane Dorian struck with a force of almost unimaginably catastrophic proportions.

Banks and government have announced that they will remain closed until next Tuesday and in the case of the islands of Abaco, Eleuthera and Grand Bahama will remain closed until further notice.

An analysis of the Pacific Disaster Center, prior to the impact of the storm, cited by The Tribune, reported that the country would require 8 billion dollars and needs 220 thousand liters of water per day.

Impact Of Dorian Bahamas In Category 5


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