If You’ve Ever Seen Something Like This You Were Definitely Afraid

In Malapascua, Philippines. Footage shows a diver who was doing a night run, finding a long spined sea urchin. The interesting thing about this sea urchin is its distinctive features such as the five white dots spread around its body, its single eye ball, and its obsidian black color.

The diver said in explanation, “I was diving at night because in the night sea I can see the mysterious world of living things. It is a Diadema setosum.”

He is right. This species of sea urchin is called a Diadema setosum belonging to the family Diadematidae. It is a typical sea urchin, with extremely long, hollow spines that are mildly venomous. Therefore, you do not want to be pricked or cut open by one of these guys.

Sea urchin don’t necessarily swim around freely at high speeds like normal sea mammals, but they are very hard to spot at night and if you happen to be diving in the dark, you might just run into one of these little nightmares.

Source: ViralHog