If You See This Seal In The St. Lawrence River Near Montreal Please Contact Emergency Services (VIDEO)

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A seal was seen in recent days off the South Shore of Montreal on the St. Lawrence River, a few hundred kilometers south of its natural habitat. Even if the water is not salty at this point, the animal is not in danger.

In a video sent to the QMI Agency since the Scoop service, we can indeed see a seal pointing the tip of its muzzle at Varennes, in Montérégie.

The Marine Mammal Research and Education Group (GREMM) also heard this week that a seal had ventured into fresh water.

“It happens when a seal comes down near Montreal. It can very well survive there a few weeks. He will eventually leave on his own, “said Marie-Ève ​​Muller, spokesperson for the non-profit organization, who was unable to identify the species of seal in question on the images. which have been transmitted to him.

Regardless, no seal species permanently live further south than Charlevoix.

Before he leaves for the waters of the Gaspé, Bas-Saint-Laurent or Côte-Nord, the GREMM asks the population not to approach within 50 meters of the lost animal. Boaters are also advised not to feed her.

“If you see the seal, you can contact us on our emergency line and send us photos, specifying its location so that we can keep our information up-to-date,” added Marie-Ève ​​Muller.

The Marine Mammal Emergencies line can be reached at 1-877-7BALEINE or 1-877-722-5346.



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