“I Learned the Lesson Well”: A Shark Bites a Surfer in the Head in Brazil.

The event took place at the Cacimba do Padre beach in Brazil, where a stage of the Hang Loose Pro Contest World Surfing Championship will be held, between February 19 and 25.

A surfer was accidentally bitten by a shark this Friday as he plunged into the waters of a beach in the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco, Brazil.

According to the newspaper O Globo , Carlos Vinícius Cavalcanti, he suffered injuries to his face, one ear and neck, for which he was sutured for about five hours . According to Cavalcanti in his Instagram account, the shark attacked him in an act of self-defense and the consequences were the result of his imprudence.

“I was surfing at the end of the afternoon, next to a school of sardines, and despite seeing that there were sharks in the water, I continued there,” Cavalcanti wrote, detailing what fell on the shark, that “he did what any being would do: He defended himself . 

The athlete reiterated that everything that happened was an accident. “I learned the lesson well, I do not surf again at the end of the afternoon with the animals there, feeding, but while I’m healthy I’ll go for the waves, I need the sea!”

This beach, known as Cacimba do Padre beach, will be the scene of a stage of the Hang Loose Pro Contest World Surfing Championship, between February 19 and 25. For this reason, the administration of the region called a meeting with the organizers and authorities to ensure the safety of the more than 100 competitors.