I Don’t Know What I Would Do If I Ran Into These Two? (Terrifying Video)

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A diver was shocked to discover a rare specimen in the depths of the ocean. The man shared his discovery on YouTube and it has gone viral.

The video revealed the appearance of a mysterious creature that was found by a diver, when he was swimming through the depths of the ocean. The man came across this surprising specimen on the island of Weh, in Indonesia, and recorded everything on video.

You can see how a diver decides to enter the deepest waters of the island of Weh and finds a couple of rare fish very close to some rocks. In the first seconds of the video you can see one of these creatures, which at first glance look strange, but with the passing of the seconds it is revealed that they are actually brown eels.

Moments after identifying them, the man decides to approach a few more meters to record them better. The eels, noticing that they are watching them, decide to come together and make a gesture that the subject will never forget in their life, because both of them stick their bodies and open their mouths as if they were smiling.

The video was posted on YouTube, where it soon went viral. It also generated all kinds of reactions among thousands of users of this and other social networks.

Some of the most prominent comments of the publication were: “What incredible creatures can be found in the bottom of the sea”, “I do not know what I would do if I seen them, the most likely thing is that I would get away as quickly as possible”, among others.


Source: La Republica