Hurricane Unleashes Impressive ‘Fish Rain’ in Malta

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The atypical situation, baptized as ‘rain of fish’, surprised the inhabitants of the European country

Many countries of the world are seriously affected in the winter season, although others receive, which for many would be blessings, in the middle of the storm.

Last February 24, Malta suffered “the worst hurricane since 1982“, according to the prime minister of that European country, Joseph Muscat, but after the storm there was no calm, but giant waves of fish on the coastal roads.

That island was hit by winds that exceeded 130 kilometers per hour and generated serious material damage.

However, one of the most curious data is that the giant waves threw thousands of fish to coastal roads, alarming many, but bringing joy to those affected, they took advantage to supply their coolers with fresh fish from the sea, the TN8 portal .

Hurricane Unleashes Impressive 'Fish Rain' in Malta

A witness compared the event with biblical scenes, while a commentator clarifies that the islanders took advantage of similar phenomena over the centuries to get hold of seafood,

Sometimes, the most powerful storms take members of the marine fauna inland and precipitate with the rains. This happened in the United States during Hurricane Florence in September 2018, which put the North American country in alarm and caused, after several days of rain, a similar situation to drag thousands of fish in a state of decomposition on one of the roads of North Carolina.


Source: Zocalo