Hunters Rescue An Exhausted Deer Caught In A Swamp For Hours In Belarus (VIDEO)

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The animal would have spent several hours in the mud.

A group of hunters saved a deer that was trapped in the mud of a swamp in a forest in the Belarusian city of Vawkavysk.

The animal was initially seen by two women who were gathering mushrooms and berries among the forest, and who told the park staff about the event.

Five hunters who were in the area went to the place where the deer was, who had his whole body submerged in the mud and from which only the head stood out.

As the images show, the men grabbed the antler deer and pulled it out of the quagmire. After releasing the animal, the hunters immediately moved away from him to allow him to escape and prevent him from attacking them.

However, the animal was exhausted after having spent so many hours in the mud, and before entering the forest was resting for a good amount time.


Source: ActualidadRT