Hungry Shark Tries To Devour Elusive Bird And Everything Ends In The Least Expected Way [VIDEO]

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On YouTube, the tense moment when a huge predator tries to turn a helpless bird into its prey has gone viral.

A video posted on YouTube has gone viral and has caused thousands of users to be speechless, as it shows the precise moment in which a fierce shark chases a small bird with the purpose of devouring it, but it does even impossible to escape. The tense scene soon became a trend in various social networks .

A man, who noticed that the predator was approaching the tiny bird that rested peacefully on the surface of the water, decided to take his cell phone and access the camera to record the moment he would later share on YouTube and other social networks. What happened? Keep reading so you can find out all the details.

In the first seconds of the viral video you can see how the bird realizes that a shark wants to devour it so it swims quickly with the intention of escaping it. However, his attempt to flee seems to have been useless, because in a few moments it looks like the fierce sea animal emerges to the surface with its mouth open and the bird disappears from everyone’s sight.

Seeing this, all the witnesses of the terrifying scene were surprised, because they believed that the tiny animal had been swallowed, but seeing it emerge safe and sound from the ocean they breathed relief.

Watch the YouTube viral video

The intelligent bird had submerged seconds before the shark tried to eat it. After this attempt, the predator gave up and simply managed to get out of place without having accomplished its task. This video shared on YouTube went viral generated all kinds of reactions among thousands of Internet users.

Some of the most prominent comments were: “What a cunning bird , I thought the shark had eaten it”, “What makes the survival instinct. Without that, the little bird would already be in the shark’s stomach , ”among others.


Source: La Republica