Huge Shark Sees Underwater Camera The Next Thing We See Is Inside His Stomach (VIDEO)

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A camera installed in the bottom of the sea captured the moment in which a white shark approaches the object and submits it to a voracious bite.

A viral video shared on YouTube showed the precise moment when a curious white shark found an underwater camera at the bottom of the sea and took it to the surface of the water to smash it to pieces. The clip went viral in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The images shared on YouTube shows how a huge shark emerged from the sea depths to stalk a water camera with its imposing presence. The images captured the voracious bite that gave the majestic animal, as you can see in detail the gills of the marine predator.

Once the seabed camera was rescued , the divers heard the thunderous noises that the teeth of the huge shark scraped on the outer shell of the object. No doubt the great white shark was curious about what was strange and bright, so it took a bite of “research”.

Just one week after its publication on YouTube, the viral video shared by the page “creatures of the deep” accumulated more than 20,000 views, more than 500 shared and dozens of comments.

“I wish people knew that the great white shark does not pose a threat. They’re curious, and humans are not on their menu, “” what a sweet video, “” What are you watching? “Users wrote on YouTube.

It’s not the first time

However, that’s not the only scene that a shark is caught nibbling one chamber of 360 ° following an error by the diver and photographer Andy Brandy , who lost his working tool at the bottom of the sea. Thousands of Internet users on YouTube were amazed by the chilling appearance.

We remind you that you can appreciate the captures of the viral video of YouTube thanks to our gallery, and to achieve it, you only have to slide the main image to the left.


Source: La Republica