Huge Octopus Uses its Tentacles to Devour a Seagull and Bystander Saves the Life of the Bird [VIDEO]

Thousands of users on YouTube disputed the action taken by the bather to save the life of a seagull that suffered the attack of an octopus .

You have to see it. Thousands of YouTube users were shocked to see the attack of a hungry octopus against a seagull . The bird was hunting fish inside a reserve on the beach of Australia , when suddenly the mollusc wrapped its tentacles around the beak of the animal.

The publication was shared by the ‘Trending Videos’ account on YouTube , which was shared by various media and Facebook pages and other social networks. The filming could be recorded by a participant who was in the reserve.

The dramatic moment when a bird descends from the skies to feed on fish from the sea ended up staging the attack by the tentacle of a mollusc , a hungry octopus that surprised thousands of YouTube users. The viral video shows this incredible moment.

The fight between both animals was perceived by a swimmer who was inside the sea and approached the animals to rescue the bird.According to the comments of one of the victims, “when I perceived this attack, I did not hesitate and took my camera to record the moment,” he said.

“I noticed a seagull circling at a point in the incoming tide as if looking for something; Feeling that some interesting event could happen, I followed the gull with the camera ready at hand, “said the author of the viral video on YouTube .

In this note we share our note, where you can see images of the fight between both animals that appear in the viral YouTube video , all you have to do is slide the main photo to the left.

Watch the viral video on YouTube here: