Huge Creatures Are Recorded Coming Out of the Sea to Devour Seals Trapped in Ice

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You will not believe it. Many people on Facebook were shocked, after appreciating a viral video that shows how a tremendous sea creature comes out of the sea to devour seals that were trapped in the ice.

Thousands were stunned. video filmed in Antarctica is the latest viral on Facebook , as it shows us the exact moment when a tremendous sea creature leaves the frozen sea to eat mercilessly to two seals that had been trapped in a block of ice that little little was melting.

A tourist recorded the shocking moment; According to the woman, she visited the borders of the frigid continent to take one of the best tourist experiences, but what she never imagined is that she would witness the future death of defenseless seals . As the viral video on Facebook describes , several marine predators appeared to attack stranded mammals.

In the images that have gone viral on Facebook , you can see three seals trapped in a block of ice and asking for help, seconds later two huge killer whales appear to stalk them. The tourist seeing the shocking scene was amazed and at the same time terrified by what would happen next.

The increase in temperature in the Antarctic have caused thick ice sheets to lose their mass, so hundreds of seals must travel several kilometers to find solid ground and be safe. The record that the woman showed us in her social network reveals the terrible moments that these marine mammals live when they get stranded.

The huge orcas that the viral video shows us, hit for several minutes the thin block of ice to make it break and leave the seals defenseless to devour them.

This type of cetacean that lives in all the oceans of the planet feeds on cold-blooded prey, as for example, the seals that are seen in the Facebook clip. Orcas use their dorsal fin to break the ice sheet and have the opportunity to feed on the aforementioned mammals.

The technique used by the enormous creatures was to use their weight to turn the ice, although that can not be appreciated in the viral video , the woman who recorded the fact told it in her publication. The fatal fate of the seals could not be shown in the clip of 33 thousand reproductions on Facebook .

Here we leave the video with the shocking outcome that these seals had who were stranded in the middle of Antarctica. The event already has thousands of reproductions and all kinds of comments for the coldness with which this creature emerged to devour its ‘prey’.

This is not the first time that tourists record how they hunt killer whales, some years ago, on YouTube a shocking record was shared where you see a seal being stalked by the cetacean .

The seals are terrified of the killer whales, since these fearsome creatures feed on them. On YouTube , a video that reveals the desperation of the small mammal when it was realized that the killer cetaceans were chasing it to eat it went viral . Here we share the images that have surprised more than one in this social network.