Beluga ‘Steals’ GoPro From A Kayaker And Then Retrieves It From The Bottom Of The Sea After It Fell (VIDEO)

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The unusual event occurred in Hammerfest Bay, north of Norway.

Images of the moment when a beluga retrieves a GoPro camera from the depth of the sea have been disseminated on the Web, and then delivered to its owner.

The beluga, known as ‘ Hvaldimir ‘, was following a kayaker in Hammerfest Bay, north of Norway, and played while the person was filming it. As he approached the camera, ‘Hvaldimir’ hit the device, so the device fell to the seabed.

The mammal immediately submerged to retrieve the camera and then swam it up to where the kayaker was. “I wanted to film her underwater and I think she knows what a GoPro is, so she takes it off and drops it before diving to bring it back” the recording author said.



Source: Actualidad RT