How Some Residents Saved Huge Whales Stranded on the Coast [VIDEO]

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A video showing some people helping huge whales that were trapped on the shore.

The moment when huge whales are stranded on the shore of an island in the ocean country of New Zealand became viral, when some residents decided to help them return to the bottom of the sea. 

Residents of Stewart Island in New Zealand were surprised last November when 145 pilot whales died because they were stranded on the small island of Mason Bay very close to the site. In the mass robbery, the settlers could not do anything to save them.

The video shows how about 20 to 30 pilot whales are slowly being carried by the current to the coast of Stewart Island, when residents realize that many of them could not move with complete freedom, as they were stranded in shallow waters.

It was at that moment that several people entered the ocean and pushed quickly to return to the deep sea. Happily, they all come back thanks to your help and continue their trip back to the sea.


Source: La Republica