Horrific Video Of Men Capturing And Killing Dolphins (WARNING Video Contains Images That Are Upsetting)

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Not to be believed as “fishermen” shared a controversial viral video on YouTube that shows them hunting and killing dolphins.

Many were outraged. A video posted on YouTube has caused controversy on social networks, as it shows the precise moment when a group of fishermen start hunting and killing dolphins who, before the brutal attack, swam very happily in a bay in Japan. In the United States, Mexico, Canada, among other countries, this viral video provoked a wave of criticism for the cruelty with which they treated these sea creatures.

As detailed by Upsocl, this video that caused outrage on YouTube was recorded in Taiji Bay, in Japan, where a group of fishermen were recorded hunting a group of ‘pilot whales’, as the largest species of the family is known of the dolphins

According to the publication, the incident that went viral on YouTube was denounced by the American organization ‘ Dolphin Project ‘, who expressed their dissatisfaction, as they had been sharing beautiful moments with the dolphins, a few hours earlier.

“The next day, a pair of barge dolphin hunters appeared that destroyed the family in a thousand pieces: they selected 8 dolphins to have them captive, and murdered mercilessly the rest of the specimens,” you can read in the publication.

The audiovisual material published on YouTube, which was recorded hours later, shows the cruelty that these fishermen had with the dolphins and the funny thing is that they had permits.

In the area of ​​Taiji, dolphin hunting is common in September and the period runs until February. In this period, the government grants fishers permits to catch these marine animals.

“For this 2019/2020 season, the Taiji government authorized fishermen to capture a total of 1,749 dolphins, a number that rises exponentially if we talk about the national landscape: in Japan, hunting of around 16 thousand cetaceans per year is allowed”, says Upsocl.

We leave you the viral video that outraged thousands on YouTube.

WARNING Video Contains Images That Are Upsetting


Source: La Republica