Hong Kong Police Search Missing After Clash Between Fishing and Oil Tanker

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The Hong Kong Maritime Police are looking for the crew of a fishing vessel that collided this morning with an oil tanker near Lamma Island, but none have been found at the moment of the ship’s members, local press reported.

According to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, which cites police sources, the collision occurred at 8.43 this morning (0.43 GMT) in “waters near” to Hong Kong.

“There were 13 people aboard the oil tanker who were rescued, and as for the number of passengers on the fishing boat, we are still not sure,” the paper said, adding that the police are now trying to find the members of the boat. fishing

None of the 13 crew members of the tanker, a vessel registered in China under the name of Tian Yi 5, was injured, the newspaper added.

It is unknown if the tanker registered any leak, adds local media Coconuts Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Police Search Missing After Clash Between Fishing and Oil Tanker

Meanwhile, in a tweet, the Hong Kong Police stated that they are at the scene to carry out “search and rescue operations” along with other departments.

The collision took place only two months after a tanker burned down on the same coast and caused the death of one man and the disappearance of two others.

In that case, fears of a possible environmental catastrophe dissipated after authorities confirmed that no leak was detected in the ship, which did not carry any cargo of oil at the time of the accident.


Source: La Vanguardia