Homeowners Being Warned To Not Open Their Doors to These Wild Solicitors (VIDEO)


In South Carolina, a woman has had a fright when she arrived at her house and saw an alligator at her door, It was standing on it’s hind legs, and seemed to be trying to ring the doorbell.  According to the local press, the animal left scratches and damaged the walkway before it was removed from the home of Karen Alfano, who took the pictures.

Karen Alfano, a neighbour from Myrtle Beach, United States, had gone shopping. After several hours, she returned home and was astonished by what she observed on the door of her house: a huge creature trying to open it to enter for food.

The woman captured the images of the fearsome six-foot creature and called on wildlife officials to remove the alligator. As seen in the images, the giant reptile stood at the front of the door standing on its legs trying to enter, however, could not.

Alfano said the encounter was the coolest thing that could happen to anyone, although not all of her neighbours agreed, and many were quite scared.

After being captured by the agents, the woman realized that the reptile left several scratches on the door, but did not break any windows. About a mile from their home, wildlife officials also removed a 10-foot crocodile that appeared at someones home.

Officials from the Department of Natural Resources of South Carolina have asked community members not to try to approach the alligators. He also said that reptiles less than 5 feet are not a threat to humans. He also recommended that they check the door before opening it.


Source: La Republica