Hippopotamus Has Fierce Confrontation Against Dogs That Wanted to Devour an Antelope [VIDEO]

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A hippopotamus risked his life to save a  baby antelope, which was going to be devoured by hungry dogs.  

A video was shared that shocked many, because a huge  hippopotamus had a strong confrontation with some ferocious hungry dogs that wanted to devour a baby antelope. 

The was recorded by a group of tourists who were on safari in Africa and, at the same time, shared by the Kruger Sightings account on YouTube, where thousands of users and lovers of wild animals were surprised.

The impressive video starring a hippopotamus and a dozen hyenas, who began the fierce battle was recorded by the lens of a witness in the jungle. The scenes of this visual material have become popular in minutes of its diffusion.

Initially you can see a hippo dragging a wounded animal, according to the description of the viral video, the huge mammal tried to save the vertebrate’s life; however, a group of wild dogs ruined the plan.

The ferocious animals faced the hippopotamus to recover their ‘prey’. “That ‘kudu’ is lucky to be killed by that hippopotamus , otherwise the dogs would have torn a new one,” wrote a surfer.



Source: La Republica