Hilarious Moment When She Is Making A Video Of Her Pet And It Does The Unthinkable

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A video shows the hilarious moment in which a woman in the United States was holding her huge pet with both hands, without imagining that it give her an unpleasant surprise. 

Our pets will always cause us great joy, because of its occurrence, gestures or other actions that can change our day. Usually it is the dogs or cats that surprise us with their antics on social networks, however, this time, a turtle has become quite a sensation.

A woman was recording a video to show the world her turtle that she had as a pet in her home in the United States. The young woman took her turtle with both hands and placed it in front of the camera while one of her friends recorded her and asked her questions.

However, the woman never imagined that her pet would present such an uncomfortable moment. “How much does it weigh?” The boy asked the woman. When she responded, immediately, it is observed how the turtle begins to urinate.

The fact made a great impression on the woman, who had to put the reptile down so that he could continue to relieve himself without getting wet. The laughter of her and her friend, did not wait for the unfortunate moment that they had to live.


Source: La Republica