Hilarious Footage of Osprey Performing Peculiar Method of Bathing

At first glance, it appears this Osprey is on a fishing mission to catch some food to bring back to the nest, but in actuality this Osprey is bathing! Yes, it is flying head first into the water in order to clean itself. Aggressively diving and dunking into the lake multiple times like a maniac. This is the Osprey’s bizarre way of bathing.

In this video the cameraman stated that it appeared to be a situation where the Mom (the Osprey who is bathing in this video) was relieved from her nest duty by the Dad. Therefore she then decided to take three or four trips into the water to freshen up.

This odd form of bathing performed by Ospreys makes for a very funny and entertaining video clip. Watch it down below.

Source: Liveleak.com