High Officer Of The Israel Navy “We Are Ready” For Any Attack By Iran

In the face of tensions between the United States and Iran, the Israeli Navy is prepared for any threat from Iran’s terrorist proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah .

Although Israel remains officially silent about the war of words between Tehran and the United States, the IDF is well aware of the strategic threat that a war between the two enemies could pose for the Jewish state.

” All wars will involve the sea ,” a naval officer told the Jerusalem Post . ” If the war starts tomorrow, the fleet is ready. Our disposition is always high . “

The sea, he said, “is an open theater where there are no borders, but where every enemy wants to win.” We must be taller. We defend our borders where there are no walls, but many enemies.

With the increasing importance of the Navy, especially in terms of protecting the coast of the country from threats at sea, as well as protecting the gas fields and shipping routes, there is a growing interest in training Navy officers.

Israel depends heavily on the sea: over 90% of Israel’s imports come through the sea , and although the country’s Navy is relatively small compared to other IDF units, it has a significant area to protect after the expansion of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the country some years ago, 40 to 150 miles from the coast.

Senior naval officers said Hezbollah could attack anywhere in Israeli waters , including Israeli gas drilling rigs, which supply around 60% (and soon 75%) of Israel’s electricity.

“We live on an island. Our economy, our natural resources, our security, is the economy of an island, which depends on the sea, “said the senior official, adding that the Navy sees the same threats as on land in the sea.

For almost two and a half years, the training of IDF officers has been one of the most intensive programs of the army. According to the army, more than 2,000 candidates apply, of which only 90 percent pass the entrance exams and only 5.5 percent enroll in the courses.

“Here we have diamonds,” said a senior naval officer, adding that the course ” turns cadets into commanders at sea ” capable of making responsible decisions under pressure.

“The course takes the cadets from the zone of their comfort zone,” said the senior officer in his office at the IDF naval base in Haifa. ” Taking someone out of the comfort zone allows you to really know others, both good and bad. They feel comfortable outside their comfort zone . “

All the cadets receive a rigorous training and, in the first phase of their training, they are trained in basic military knowledge, as well as in the operation of small boats.

After the basic training, the cadets are divided into four different areas: submarines, navigation, technology or electronics , which will correspond to their position after graduation. During the retraining course, the cadets also take a diving course to become divers able to dive to depths of up to 30 meters. The next stage of the course lasts about eight months, during which the cadets receive practical and theoretical training in the designated position on board the ship.

At the end of the course, each graduate is promoted to the position of second lieutenant in charge of the naval command and to a degree in political science from the University of Haifa at the end of the course. Graduates are recruited for 61 months of additional military service.

According to a senior naval officer, the academic part of the course gives cadets the opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills , which they will need as commanders.

One of Iran’s top military aides, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , warned on Sunday that all US warships in the Persian Gulf are in Iran’s missile strike zone.

” The Americans know very well that their military forces are within reach of the Iranian missiles. In the Persian Gulf, all US and foreign fleets are within range of the IRGC missiles from coast to sea, which can reach more than 300 kilometers, “said Yahya Rahim Safavi of the Iranian news agency Mehr.

High Officer Of The Israel Navy "We Are Ready" For Any Attack By Iran

Safavi added that the countries of the region should stop ” thinking of Iran as an enemy and focus on their real enemies , that is, the United States and the Israeli regime .”

Iran has also warned in the past that it will block Bab al-Mandab and the Strait of Hormuz, key corridors for 12% of Israel’s imports and exports through them. His blockade would strangle Israel.

Thus, while patrols and naval guards guard the Israeli coast, Israeli ships are “everywhere, at all scales,” a senior official told the Post without expanding.

” Join the Navy, look at the world, ” he joked.


Source: Israel Noticias