Hidden Camera Found in Woman’s Washroom On The Ship USS Arlington

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The United States Navy is in the middle of an investigation after an official reported the discovery of a hidden camera in the women’s restroom aboard the USS Arlington transport vessel.

According to an official source in the Navy, the finding was reported in March, and the camera could record images, without specifying if they were photographs or videos.

The Investigation

According to a statement issued by Kyle Raines, spokesman for the Sixth Fleet, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service of the US Navy (NCIS), is investigating “a recording device” on board the ship that, currently, it is located in a Port in Greece.

Hidden Camera Found in Woman's Washroom On The Ship USS Arlington

The official representative noted that “the command has taken and will continue to take all necessary actions to guarantee the safety and privacy of the victim.”The official stressed that he can not reveal details or names related to the case.


Source: Azteca America