Heroic Group of Men Save Truck Driver’s Life After Crashing into The Ocean

Somewhere along the coast of the Caribbean sea, a truck driver happened to crash his truck into the shore of the ocean. It seem like he was going to drown before a heroic group of guys came to the rescue. They took him out of the truck and helped drag him back to the shore.

Shortly after in the second video clip we see them using ropes to rappel up the side of the steep and rocky cliff. One by one they make their way up aiding the truck driver to reach safety. More and more men seem to have gathered at the scene trying to help out in every way they can.

We do not get to see how the truck got there but at least we know the truck driver is safe and uninjured.  He did in fact lose the truck, but at least he didn’t lose his life!


Source: LiveLeak.com