Heroic Father Saves His Daughter From Being Devoured By A Shark (PHOTOS)

The girl had to have a leg amputated.

Paige Winter, a 17-year-old teenager, lived a nightmare a few weeks ago when she was attacked by a shark in North Carolina, United States, and thanks to her father she was able to get out alive from the terrifying moment.  

The horrifying accident took place on June 2 when the girl, her dad and some friends were enjoying a day at the beach, according to the local media.

The father of Paige, Charles Winter, told in a press conference that in a matter of seconds he saw his daughter disappear to the bottom of the sea, and without him knowing what was happening, he went after her. After swimming a few meters to the depth the man realized that a shark was trying to devour the teenager.  

In the midst of despair, Charles, who is a paramedic and firefighter, decided to confront the giant animal. “I grabbed Paige with my left arm and lifted her over the water and at that moment the shark came back for her and there I realized its magnitude. Immediately I started hitting him. I hit him with my fists at least five times, but it could have been ten or three, I do not know, I just wanted to defend my daughter and defeat the animal. ”  

The shark moved away, and at that moment took his daughter and with great speed came out of the water towards the shore. Upon arriving there he observed the serious wounds of the girl on one of his legs. After giving her first aid, she transferred her to Vindant Medical Center in Greenville.

Heroic Father Saves His Daughter From Being Devoured By A Shark

After several hours in the operating room, doctors had to amputate her left leg and two fingers of one of her hands.

The teenager said she felt optimistic about the new lifestyle she must adopt now. ” I want people to see that I am well and that I can still do all the things that other people can do . I’ll be able to walk and write, I’ll be able to do everything just like old Paige. ”

Heroic Father Saves His Daughter From Being Devoured By A Shark 


Source: RCNRadio