Helpless Duck Cruelly Mocks Fierce Tiger Who Wanted To Devour Him [VIDEO]

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A video was shared on Facebook that shows the impressive maneuver a duck performed to escape the attack of a hungry tiger while swimming on one side of India.

You have to see it. On Facebook it was shared a fun video that shows the incredible reaction of a duck as long as a ferocious tiger tried to eat him, into the lake. The cat never imagined that such an easy prey would end up mocking him. In the countries of Mexico, Canada, the United States , among others, the clip became a trend.

Animals surprise us every day with several videos of them that they share on Facebook and other social networks. A recent video shows the great maneuver a duck made to escape death.

As seen in the video shared on Facebook , a fierce tiger went to a lake in India , to capture a defenseless duck, who swam calmly.

The hungry feline begins to stalk the bird and is slowly approaching its location. When he starts to take more speed to throw himself against the duck , the unimaginable happens.

The images of Facebook , shows the duck diving underwater to avoid the attack and surfacing a few moments later, leaving the predator confused, who could not find the bird anywhere.

The great hiding place of the duck , made it survive the attack of this feline, demonstrating what animal commands while they are in the lake.

The video shared on Facebook already has thousands of reproductions and has attracted the attention of several animal lovers , who were surprised with the duckling maneuver .


Source: La Republica