Helicopter In Greece Hits High Voltage Cables And Falls Into The Sea (Images and Videos)

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GREECE, Athens. – A private helicopter fell into the sea off the coast of a Greek island minutes after its takeoff. The coast guard of Greece reported that three people died in the incident and another is missing, as reported by the authorities of Galatas.

The accident occurred on Tuesday, August 20 on the island of Poros, in the Aegean Sea, in southern Greece. So far, the authorities explained that the helicopter was heading to the Greek capital and that after taking off it hit high-voltage cables and rushed. The tourist enclave is 60 kilometers from Athens and receives many visitors in summer.

In addition, the incident generated a blackout on the island while rescue efforts began. From the beginning the number of occupants has been imprecise, but some local media reported that four people were registered on board. Among the victims are two Russian citizens and one Greek.

On the other hand, sources of Greek Civil Aviation confirmed that the pilot of the helicopter notified that it would take off from Poros bound for the international airport of Athens. According to the authorities, the pilot lost control of the aircraft when trying to dodge an electricity tower.

After the fall, the government deployed Super Puma helicopters and coast guard vessels for the search and rescue of survivors. Other private boats also joined the operation. So far, it is presumed that all occupants died.


Source: el intra news