Heatwaves Will Cause You To Cool Off By Any Means Necessary (VIDEO)

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A tourist captured in a viral YouTube video, the moment he finds a man stripped down to his underwear, cooling off in a public fountain

Unusual outcome as a tourist ended up finding the man at the bottom of a fountain in Bulgaria and ended up recording the moment.

YouTube’s viral video was unleashed in the city of Sofia in Bulgaria, when a tourist’s walk was interrupted with the abrupt appearance of a man lying ‘face-down’ in the water of a busy square.

When approaching the scene, the tourist was laughing to see how the man moved in the water to take a dip in the huge fountain. 

The high temperatures that hit Bulgaria caused the swimmer to take off his clothes leaving just his underwear and enter the water as if it were a gigantic pool. The man did not hesitate to sneak out of the intense heat to cool off in a public fountain.

“What a funny man!”, “If the heat bothers me, it would also refresh me in a huge pool”!



Source: La Republica