Heartbreaking Scene As Zebras Seek To Cross River Infested With Hungry Crocodiles (WARNING VIDEO Has Sensitive Images)

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Tragic outcome surprises thousands.

A viral YouTube video revealed the moment when a group of zebras tried to cross a mighty river infested with huge crocodiles, without suspecting that they would be brutally attacked by a group of voracious crocodiles.

Not noticing the many crocodiles laying still in the river. A large herd of zebras enter the water, they get spooked and begin to rush towards the shore, sadly a baby zebra gets lost amongst the commotion and get washes away down the river.

Amazingly, they all get out of the river alive, with one getting away by a tail…literally.

If but by a miracle…the baby zebra struggles to swim and is exhausted. He gets near the shore, walks across a zebras back and out of the river …the lucky little one has lived to see another day.

The dramatic scene was captured by a tourist, who did not miss the opportunity to immortalize the heartbreaking hunt that went viral in Mexico , Spain and the United States.


Source: La Republica