Heart Pounding Moment When Something Bigger Than Your Boat Appears Out Of Nowhere (VIDEO)

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A video posted on  YouTube  shows the story of a fisherman, who had a terrifiying moment when a sea ​​creature jumped inches away from him while travelling through Monterey Bay, Canada.

In the Bay in Canada, the fisherman was about to be swept into the ocean by a giant creature that emerged from the water in a single moment. The scene has quickly gone viral .

The salmon season coincides with the season when humpback whales return to Monterey Bay in Canada to feed during the summer, so there are hundreds of boats all over the place hoping to catch hundreds of fish and sell them to the markets.

A fisherman knew about the salmon season and decided to go out and catch some fish early, however, he never imagined that he would be terrified of what would happen while returning to the coast.

And from the coast, Kate Cummings, a woman who was recording the man, filmed the precise moment when a giant humpback whale emerges from the sea a few meters from the boat and terrified the fisherman. Kate, who took the video, said: “It was fun to capture this clip, the whale had already emerged several times farther away from the fisherman.”

It is very likely as seen in the YouTube viral video , that the man has been left with wet pants, because the impact against the water of the jump was very close.

Source: Kate Cummings, Blue Ocean Whale Watch

Source: La Republica