He Zooms In On Antarctica With Google Maps And Discovers Terrifying ‘Human Face’ [PHOTOS]

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Google Maps satellite cameras managed to capture a gigantic and creepy ‘human face’ in Antarctica. The fact has terrified thousands in social networks.

Thousands were speechless with shocking discovery. Thanks to a recent Facebook post , the incredible discovery was made thanks to the Google Maps satellite cameras , which toured Antarctica and managed to capture a demonic ‘human face’. What really happened? Read on to learn all about this shocking discovery.

According to the author of the finding, who shared his discovery on Reddit, he has always been curious about Antarctica, so he decided to use Google Maps to discover what this ice continent looks like.

The young man thought he would only see ice, since Google Maps only captured satellite photos of Antarctica; However, he also found a huge figure that caught his attention, as it looks like a human face.

“It seems to be some kind of mega – structure similar to the famous face of Mars (Cidonia). The symmetry it has is amazing, ”said the author of this new finding of Google Maps satellite cameras.

Many believed that this finding of Google Maps was false and began to criticize it, so the young man decided to share the coordinates and thousands took a big surprise to see that everything was real.

According to its publication, the huge figure that looks like a human face captured and that was captured by Google Maps is about 600 meters wide, almost 1 kilometer long and is located in the western part of Antarctica.

If you want to know what this new Google Maps find looks like , then you can write the coordinates ( 72 ° 00′36.00 ″ S, 168 ° 34’40.00 ″E) or check our gallery, sliding the main image to the left.

Zooms In With Google Maps In Antarctica And Discovers Terrifying 'Human Face'

Zooms In With Google Maps In Antarctica And Discovers Terrifying 'Human Face'


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