He Watched Intensely As They Dive Off A Cliff Into The Water Then He Decides To Do This (VIDEO)

A video showed a faithful dog making a bold sacrifice to join in on the fun with its owner after seeing him throwing himself into the water.

The little dog decides to dive into the water as he watches its owner and others doing the same. An afternoon of fun for a group of bathers became the best experience of their lives, as they could witness what a dog is capable of doing the same activities of his master.

A group of young university students make the most of the holidays while visiting a lake in Mexico. As part of the fun, the group of boys was encouraged to play an extreme challenge that consisted in throwing themselves into a lake without protection and perform dangerous stunts to be immortalized in a viral video.

One of the guys did not think twice and chose his dog as his best travel companion. When it was his turn to dive into the deep lake, his dog looking at them from afar. Totally nervous, the pet clung to the cliff, while he saw that his ‘best friend’ made a forceful dive; What he did after the dog amused thousands viewers.

After seeing his owner dive off the cliff, the ‘best friend of man’ decided to dive in too and became the hero of the afternoon in front of dozens of college students, who soon applauded the audacity of the pup. 

The young university student did not let his dog worry too much and approached his call to embrace him with tenderness. On the mainland, the two were applauded by the vacationers, who admired the bravery of the animal. “Impressive!”, “What a good stunt that dog did”, can be read in the comments on Facebook.



Source: La Republica