He Uses A Piranha Fish Like A Scissor Clipper To Show What It’s Teeth Can Do

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It generates controversy. A video of  Facebook has left thousands of users indignant since a hunter showed off mistreating a piranha fish who used it as a ‘scissor’.

It generates repudiation with his actions. A video has become a trend in the social network after showing us an unusual short film that reveals the unusual method used by a hunter from the Amazon to demonstrate how dangerous piranha fish can be.

As recorded by a tourist who visited this place, a hunter caught a piranha fish and had no better idea than to test his bite with a leaf. You can see how the man uses the fish as if it were a hole punch and forces it to bite the plant. The demonstration that he made has enraged more than one of them because of this incredible outcome of the video.

The outrage felt by viewers of video has already become a trend on social networks. That many repudiated that this man used this helpless animal as a tool to cut leaves.

We can see how the hunter holds the animal firmly and forces him to bite this blade to measure the strength of its jaws. However, the fish can not remove the residues of said plant from its mouth and is also exposed out of the water for too long, something that disturbed people.

“What is the point of all this? Leave the fish in peace, ” Put it back in the water! “,” This is savage, I can not make sense of it “; were some of the hard comments that were recorded on Facebook and Instagram. 

For those who do not know how aggressive a piranha fish can become, here we share a video that shows us the ferocious attack these small animals can make. 


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